Sappho Plomari



You can explore the history of Ouzo in one of the two museums of the Barbayianni and Isidoros Arvanitis distillery facilities. In a former soap factory at the center of Plomari there is a soap museum featuring all the product manufacturing tools, tags of various brands lesbian soap, and business correspondence of the soap industry owners with overseas markets.

We are blessed to have the best beach on the island, the beach of Agios Isidoros. Have fun and enjoy your swim all day at one of the few well organized beaches of Lesvos awarded with the blue flag from the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature. Feel free to discover all the other beaches near the city of Plomari. The shoreline is endless.

See the magical depths of Lesvos and particularly of Plomari with oxygen cylinders (scuba) or your snorkel (Snorkeling). Feel free to ask us about organised scuba diving trips.

Walk the wonderful nature trails that lead to the mountains above the city of Plomari. Loose yourself in the endless olive grooves that produce the best quality olive oil in Lesvos. Stroll along the small river that runs through Plomari and reach the headwaters. If you feel like jogging, the 4km road next to the sea from Agios Isidoros to Plomari is ideal.

When you are in the world capital of Ouzo, drinking ouzo and enjoying local flavors is what it’s all about. Make sure to enjoy it as the local do. Pair it with meze which is a dish, hot or cold, spicy or savory, often salty, that is served, alone or with other mezethes (plural) as a separate eating experience. Remember, the purpose of the meze is two-fold: to complement and enhance the taste of the drink and to provide the backdrop for a social gathering.